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Build a Partnership: Great projects start with strong relationships and long-term thinking.

Do you have the next big idea ? We help you convert it to a successful startup .!

Turn your product into a business : we build functional digital products and softwares that bring value to your Business.

We are proud that We write Scenerios not just code.

We Enable businesses to get competitive edge in the market by building scalable and extensible software and mobile applications.


Why Choose Us?

Our competent and dedicated team of experts are ever ready to solve your business problems and give appropriate IT infrastructure and software Solutions to meet your needs.These are some reasons how we stand out in the crowd from among all other software design and development company in Nepal and world wide.


Expertise Team of High Experienced Professionals.


Quality Better quality support and services.


Better Price to Quality Cost Effective Solutions.


Punctuality Right on time.


Satisfaction High Customer satisfaction rate.


Relationship Long Term Relationship.

About Company

We are professional website design & development Software company!

Idata solutions Pvt. Ltd. Is a Information Technology company with a motto (Empowering People and Business) , aim to provide a high quality IT service. A team of 5 highly experienced individuals with years of experience in software development started the company with a vision to Empower Businesses and people by utilizing the power of data and software. Currently the company has been giving consulting and software development services to companies locally and globally. We have a record of satisfied customer base in countries including USA, Singapore, Malaysia, and Nepal. Starting from the core team of 5 we are currently leading a team of 15+ in and out of office. Till now we have successfully accomplished 15+ projects with numbers of users running worldwide.


Our Principles

We always adher to agile

Customer Satisfaction

We are highly concerned about the satisfaction of our customers. We tend to deliver quality softwares earlier or at least by the deadlines.

Requirement Changes.

Software development is a continuous process so, we help to accomodate any future changes that support business growth.

Iterative Development Process

We built software in small sprints based on customer's priority. We make sure each of the delivered unit is bug free & ready to market.

Close Collaborations

We Believe better decisions are made when business and technical teams work in close co-ordination so we try to work closely with various stakeholders.

Support,Trust & Motivate teams

Employees are the main pillar of what we are proud of. We trust ,support and motivate them in order to get the best out of them.

Good Communication

Good communication leads to effective information flow.Our teams are co-located so, they effectively interact with each other to reduce information gap.

Realistic Progress Measure

Quality & bugless software is the only way to measure progress & it's simple. We don't confuse our client displaying complex process for any delays.

Consistent Speed

The Agile Process promotes the sustainable pace of development. We try to maintain a constant speed of development of software.

Continuous improvement

Once system is live, we deliberately work on continuous improvement of software on aspect of technology as well as on Design UX/UI


We believe in simplicity. We try to maintain simplicity in software process and development so that the work done is just enough to meet the current need.

Self Organizing team

Team members who are disciplined, self organizing & have descision making ability takes ownership on tasks & are eager to improve products.

Self Regular Reflection

We provide enough space for our teams to learn & realize their behaviour that can be productive to adjust themselves to achieve a higher aim.


What We Offer

The team at Idata Solutions offers great range of IT services to our valuable customers. We at idata have customer relationship and innovation at the center of our working process. We believe that our clients satisfaction is the “soul of our business” and Innovation the “brain”. Our success is defined by the success of our client’s .

IT consulting services

With the years of experience within the specified domain ,we can guide you to select the best software and IT infrastructure requirement that suits your business need.

We Help you in following ways:
  • IT Infrastructure Consulting
  • Solution Consulting e.g. Ecommerce , CRM, data analytics
  • Platform Consulting e.g. Sales Force,Magento, Open cart , Cloud servers

Software Development

Our team is well experienced at both art and science of software engineering and management who can build high quality software products to a wide range of service areas. We are a team of code lovers and passionate developers. We have a full team of working as a backend (web) ,frontend (web) , desktop application and mobile applications. We work in Agile Methodolgy in order to complete the project within given range of time.

  • Desktop Applications
  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications

Enterprise Application Development

Our strong and professional team are ready to build any types of Enterprise Application that is working on any verticals from Healthcare,Education,Real state and many more. Enterprise Applications are the softwares developed that are desired and designed for large organizations or governments specifically to support, ease and enhance the operations . Enterprise Applications are generally designed to be complex,scalable and modular inorder to modify quickly the various components interacting with application so that it becomes easier to switch the application according to the need of organization .

  • On Premise Solution
  • Cloud solution
  • SAAS Solution

Internet of Things(IOT Solutions)

The Internet of Things (IoT), one of the current most popular development in communication technology is a general concept in which networked objects have the ability to collect data from location or environment around us and is shared through the wired or wireless medium across the Internet. The collected data is processed, analyzed, interpreted and utilized to achieve several purposes. Our team at Idata Solutions are equipped with skilled and trained engineers and technicians who have hands-on experience in installing IoT devices and integrating IoT systems for home and business solutions

  • Consultation and System Integration
  • Software Platform
  • IOT Analytics

Data Analytics

We help corporates to achieve data driven decision making by converting their past and real-time data into actionable insights. Our services are matched to make the collected raw data or collect those data and analyse them to strengthen business decision making process with advanced analytics capabilities.

  • Big data consultation and implementation
  • Business Intelligence implementation
  • Machine and deep learning
  • Data quality management

Outsourcing Services

We can help you outsource your IT services . We at Idata solutions being a team of experienced software developers and IT experts,are able to properly manage and allocate your resources effectively without any hassles for your business. Outsourcing your software can provide you with greater flexibility to manage your small team more efficiently with reduced cost and time. Outsource on one hand reduced your business cost while you don't have to suffer from lack of IT manpower and skill set required to manage the system. Business Outsourcing can help you focus and excel on your core business and leave us the major hassel which you are not confident of.

  • Staff Augmentation
  • Dedicated team
  • Project-based model

Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity services to achieve the robust protection of the companies’ applications and networks. Equipped with 16-year experience in information security, our security experts are ready to deliver a variety of cyber protection services.

  • Managed security services
  • Information security consulting
  • Application security implementation
  • Compliance testing
  • Security code review
  • Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing
Our Process

How We Work

Analyse Requirements

In this step first we listen to story/idea of client. We then conduct story boarding sessions to brainstrom the idea to greater extent. We then compile and create a meaningful story. We communicate with customer and ask a series of questions as many as possible to sum up the ideas and remove mis information.



In this phase we now research on best possible ways to solve the Ideas gathered in first phase. We make a clear technical documentation and define every possible technical stacks that would be required to solve specific features.



Once technical documentation and all other technical issues are final we then start working on prototype models or wireframe so as to finalize how the overall system looks and feels to end user. We regularly take feedback from customer and modify it until we get a acceptable prototype model. Based on customer’s desire, the model can either include only some core business functionality or even may include overall project ,it may even be working prototype models or only visual based models like wireframes.


Development & Testing

After verification of prototype model ,we then start working on core software development process. We first prioritize all the functionality required ,based on priority point we develop software in an iterative way. Every features are built in iterative way ,we build the feature,test it, release. We then get feedback and again re-develop the feature if required. In this way our complete software development lifecycle takes the shape of agile iterative process until a full software is ready. The testing and development is a ongoing process in this phase. We use Test Driven Development ,a popular technical way to make our code bug free as much as possible.



This is also an iterative process as stated above. For individual user’s story or features listed we release it to a beta version .Every iteration of features take the software development closer to the final product release. Once all features are released we then deploy it to the server . We continuously support and maintain the software so, customer should not worry about the issues that may arise in future.


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Our Approach