Internet of Things Consulting

The Internet of Things (IoT), one of the current most popular development in communication technology is a general concept in which networked objects have the ability to collect data from location or environment around us and is shared through the wired or wireless medium across the Internet. The collected data is processed, analyzed, interpreted and utilized to achieve several purposes. According to Gartner Inc., a global advisory and research firm forecasted that 5.8 billion devices will be connected to the internet until 2020. Smart metering system in a home or business houses, smart home automation system, smart parking system are some examples of IoT which helps system automize through internet connections.

Our team at Idata solutions are equipped with skilled and trained engineers and technicians who have hands-onexperience in installing IoT devices and integrating IoT systems for home and business solutions with our customize softwares.

Offered services

  • Consultation and System Integration
  • Software Platform
  • IoT Analytics

Consultation and System Integration

We believe IoT is a powerful tool to drive the modern digital world. Our expertise is involved continuously in research and development that we provide the best services needed for the modern transformation. We offer our clients with a wide range of IoT consulting services ranging from smart home solutions to the sophisticated smart industry solutions integrated with IT system and support. Our system integrators are well trained and ready to integrate IoT solutions available around the world to provide the right and best IoT strategy whether new or existing to meet your digital demands.

Software Platform

Our hands-on expertise in software development is a positive value that we can offer our clients to provide IoT software platforms that are configured and customized according to the client's requirement. The platform would be best to provide solutions to any type of home, industry and community problems. We are capable of building all sorts of Software Applications (Desktop, Mobile, Web) that are user-centric and can be modified with the demand required for the solution.

IoT Analytics

We are currently working in the field of data analytics, machine learning and artificial and are capable of integrating this with the new or existing IoT systems. The analytics are as powerful that the collected data from various devices will be analyzed to aid in Business Intelligence and Business decisions. We support from the very initial phase need analysis to solution development and provide great service after system implementation. This evolution technique supports the business is growing by controlling, monitoring and evaluating..

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