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We understand Every product speaks different. But we have same approach to deal with each product we encounter . We don’t just start writing code or start building prototype just by guessing Client's requirement. Understanding clients’ business goals is at the core of what we do. We have a proven method of working with our customers to make the projects reach their release before or at least by the deadline.

We always adhere to Agile Manifesto for Software Development and deployment. We have a three step process of project completion:

1. Project planning and documentation

a. Project Strategy

Setting up a live or an online meeting we try to gather a high level basic information from you as much as possible. We may ask you a series of questions that can help us validate the assumptions,define objectives and goals. During this phase we try to remove as many uncertain assumptions as possible. We try to gather information regarding challenges and an approximated alternative plan to cope with those challenges.

b. Research

Every Business plan or project must be doable. Based on the startegy we research on the assumptions and talk to third parties vendors where necessary. We even talk to all of your stackholders to finalize the idea.

c. Sum up the idea

Reaching this phase we are already with enough of information so as to gather a tentitive business plan and define clear focus objectives, tasks, deliverables, priorities tied to the core business goals. We sum up the idea as a proposal which even covers a tentitive deadline ,cost and all enough information to decide about the project and we send it to you to get approved.

2. Design & Architecture (Once client approves the document we proceed further)

A. Wireframes, prototyping and designing

Idata’s UI/UX team will be working on wireframes , HTML designs or prototype models based on the above documentation . During this phase we built wireframes or design models that will be closely relateable to your final product. Throught this process we get feedback from clients and iterate the process until the final prototype is verfied by the client.

B. Architecture

Meanwhile The technical team along with the software architect and senior Engineers design the overall architecture of the project with defining necessary technical stack and technologies to be used.

C. Planning

After confirming architecture and overall design ,Project Manager at Idata then identifies the internal resources that is best fit along with other features and dependencies and share it among all the team members with the goal of making clear objectives and plan.

3. Development and Deployment

A. Development process or methodology

Once we got final okay from the client, there are two commercial models under which Idata gets engaged with clients.

  • 1 . The first one is Agile (scrum), in which we work in efficient 2 weeks sprint to develop software in an iterative way. This can be a ideal choice for you if you wish to make continuous release of product and parallely develop new features to reduce time to market and to get timely feedback. According to our experience this model can be better choice if your project cost will be more than 25000 US$.
  • 2.The second one is fixed cost where we can fully understand and agree all the functional and technical requirement before any coding is done . It is suitable for low budget project I.e <25000 US$.
A successful project kickoff means we get to the bottom of all the context, needs and user expectations, and we’re ready to start design and development. This is what happens when we start working on your ideas. We repeat it over and over until your product is finished. We use Scrum to make our work efficient, predictable, and valuable. Take a look at the key elements of Scrum:

B. Quality Assurance

Before releasing any features to production we ensure if the product is bug free . Hence our dedicated and experienced QA engineers go through rigorous testing all codes and features. Once a sprint is completed the testing is done by our QA engineers and by the product owner too. We make various test s including Unit testing using TDD approach ,Automated tests and User accepting testing. Hence we ensure that the product developed is bug proof to move to production.

C. Deployment, support and training

Once the quality is approved by our expert QA and by product owner then it is ready to move to production server. We have a approach of continuous integration where after every sprint it is continuously delivered and with final deployment we even help our client to get training by the experts involved in development.



Once we got you to live we will be there beside you to support. We will be needed to mitigate risks during your product launch . Going Forwards, we can accept feedback, support inquiries , add new features required for users as your business grows.

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