IT Consulting Services

With the years of experience within the specified domain ,we can guide you to select the best software and IT infrastructure requirement that suits your business need.

Services Offered
  • IT Infrastructure Consulting
  • Solution Consulting e.g. Ecommerce , CRM, data analytics
  • Platform Consulting e.g. Sales Force,Magento, Open cart , Cloud servers etc.

In this age of advanced technology and innovation every business is connected to Information Technology in one or another way. Depending on the nature of business whether it may be a software requirement or an infrastructure setup requirement , you will need to get your hands on with Information Technology .

If your business is not an IT company,you have two solutions for solving this problem. Either you can hire one or more dedicated experts for consulting about the tools required to solve your business needs or you can consult to a consulting company like ours.

Choosing the first option , might be fairly possible for a large company but, even for large organization it cannot be the best option since limited number of experts within company have a very narrow dimension of knowledge to meet all business need.
For a small company because of limited resources and cost,hiring dedicated IT professionals is too costly .It is where IT consulting service Company comes into play. So, if you want to pay only for service that you use then Idata Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is the right organization where you can get a quality service at a lower price.

Idata Solutions has a team of experts who have been providing IT consulting services to various IT domains. We have a team of experts who leads from diverse area of IT services and you can directly consult to the specific expert of what your business is interested at.

IT infrastructure consulting

Our highly skilled experts will assist you to determine the best IT strategy for your organization which will help you open up to higher range of your services and also that can directly improve efficiency within the organization.

Our Scope:
  • Technical audit of IT infrastructure and need analysis
  • high level artchitecture development of IT infrastructure
  • Optimizing and suggesting the imporvement of IT infrastructure Consulting e.g. Sales Force,Magento, Cloud servers etc.
  • Technical audit of IT infrastructure and need analysisTraining and assisting.

Solution Consulting

If you are looking to automate the services and processes within your organization and you have no idea how you can do that Or may be you are looking to develop some software for your business may be an ecommerce platform or a internal service management within your organization and you are not familiar to any technicalities of the process then go get a cup of coffee and get relaxed because considering the same situation to many of companies we are providing all the consulting services as your business needs.

Our Scope:
  • We help you figure out your technical requirement
  • We suggest for the possible quality low cost solutions
  • We develop the custom software based on your requirement
  • We provide Information security services.
  • We train and support your IT resources.

Platform Consulting:

In addition to our custom software development services we even help our clients to help them to pick up the best third party platform services. Wheather it may be hosting service or may be some infrastructure support like firewall or any third party software that is requred for you out clients,then we can help you pick the best out of all based on your need. We even help you in case of service disruption and infrastructure incident management like backup and restoring.

We offer:
  • Hosting and Cloud Platforms e.g. Amazon,Google,Azure
  • Ecommerce Platforms e.g. Magento,Open cart,Woocommerce
  • Business and Data Analytics Platform e.g. Tableu,SAP,Matlab
  • Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) Platform e.g. Microsoft dynamics 365, SAP ,Oracle ERP Cloud
  • Machine Learning and AI Analytics Platform
  • IOT Platform
  • Various Other IT Platform

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