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Our strong and professional team are ready to build any types of Enterprise Application that is working on any verticals from Healthcare,Education,Real state and many more.

Enterprise Applications are the softwares developed that are desired and designed for large organizations or governments specifically to support, ease and enhance the operation . Enterprise Applications are generally designed to be complex,scalable and modular inorder to modify quickly the various components interacting with application so that it becomes easier to switch the application according to the need of organization . They are designed to integrate and adapt with various other processes within organization that can help enhance the operation process as well support the company's decision making process.

Enterprise application are Big application which may be any desktop app or may be a Web based software application or may include mobile app for making ease of use. The softwares are supposed to improve team colloboration, optimize interanal and external process . Some of the examples of Enterprise Application may be defined to be ERP (Enterprise Resoruces Planning) , BI solutions and Analaytics solutions

Tracking systems, Project Management software. Basically an ERP systems are those softwares that are intended to define a full flexed Enterprise Application Development software. ERP software includes various modules to assist business process. Some major common types of Enterprise Application or ERP includes some or all of these modules /softwares or horizontals.

  • Automated Sales and Billing Systems
  • Payment processing
  • Various marketing solutions i.e email, sms,
  • Content Management
  • Customer support and management
  • HR solutions
  • Messaging and Team collaborations
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • Logistics
  • Finance
  • supply chain

Also, Enterprise application may differ slightly or largely for individual verticals. Enterprise Applications can be build for all verticals from Agriculture, Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing or Financial industries based on requirement of individual industry.

Basically Enterprise solutions are of following types:

On Premise Solutions

On Premise solutions the software is installed or deployed on customer's location or on his server and is hardly possible or is difficult to access it from outside of the network but may differ sometimes.It's generally a desktop application or sometimes it may even be a web application that is installed in computer within the local computer. These type of solution are generally priced under one time perpetual license fee which is generally based on size of organization or features of software . Generally customers themeselves are responsible to maintain and pay for the hardware requirement of on-premise systems. Sometimes these software are also charged may be anually or monthly for maintainence and support as required for the customer. These types of softwares are easier to modify and has various benefits.

Folllowing are the benefits you get on premise solutions:
  • You can only pay for the feature you require and mostly you get a perpetual license so in long run this system can be competitive in price then other type of applications.
  • Data Security lies within the organization so you don't have to relay on other organizations for your data security concerns.
  • You have better control over features and customize it in future.
  • Organization have control over implementation process

With all benefits there comes some disadvantages

  • You need to pay for all the hardware and server requirement so upfront cost is high.
  • You need to maintain your own IT department or team to maintain software.
  • Data security can be concerning if you don't have a good IT team to deal with security.
  • Customization can give some headaches if application development vendor don't support

Go on with this software type if

  • You have your own IT resource to handle the software update
  • Your Software or data doen't need to be accessible outside of office.
  • if one time fee is better fit for your budget.

Cloud solutions

The Cloud software solutions are generally same application as that of On premise but it differ by where the software is installed. Generally Cloud solutions are web based solutions which are hosted on some remote location and pricing is generally done on the basis of one time perpetual license fee or sometimes some percentage of initial charge . While on premise solutions requires their own server and hardware to be installed but in case of cloud solutions the server and hardware are maintained by 3rd party hosting provider.

Once you complete your software development or Enterprise Application from Idata solutions you buy a hosting server based on the infrastructure requirement for your app which will be supported by Idata solutions Pvt. Ltd. Then you don't have to maintain,upgrade or worry any of infrastructure or security investment that your server requires ,you just deploy the application to the server and you are done. These type of applcation services are the mainstream company prefers to do.

It has several advantages over on Premise solutions.

  • No or very low upfront investment since you dont need to invest in IT infrastructure.
  • Data security in the hand of vendors ,if selected proper vendor can have better security resources managed
  • You have better control over features and easy to customize in future.
  • You can implement your app on the go. No or very low implementation time.
  • Greater stability and better support
  • Can be accessed from anywhere you want if connected to internet

Some disadvantages can be:

  • Sometime Vendor can compromise security if vendor is a unreliable
  • Over long run cost can go much higher than on premise solutions based on your infrastructure requirement.
  • Recurring payment is to be paid.
  • You need to handle app development, support,maintain and testing.

SAAS (Software as a Service) Solutions

Generally SAAS model are confused with cloud solutions. Although they have some features in common but they differ from each other in various ways. Software as a service is a software licensing and delivery model in which software and all other IT infrastructure is maintained by software vendor who maintains servers,databases and code require to build the application. Although SAAS model is very convinent to all those business who don't have or have very low IT team or resources but if you are not aware of SAAS model then sometimes it can lead to bad or no business value to your organization so it's very important to understand if your Enterprise requirement is fulfilled by the SAAS solution or not.

In this model of Software development all the Idata solutions's Software as service team will carry your burden of installing ,maintaining software, It infrastructure and every thing you need. But you need to pay for the service you use as per the subscription model. Although you have very limited control over software but you will have full control over your data. You are able to download or manage all the data of you.

Advantages of SAAS model

  • No or very low upfront investment since you dont need to invest in IT infrastructure.
  • Data security is maintained by the software vendor itself.
  • You are ready to go . If the service meets your business requirement, pay for service and you are ready to go with the software.
  • Greater Stability and Support
  • App development and support and everything is handled by Development company

Being seen as the best model to develop software but there are some shortcoming with this approach too


  • It's quiet tricky to figure out if the off-the-shelf service meets your business requirement. If failed can lead to loss of your money and time.
  • Unlike Cloud and on premise solutions it has less customization flexibility.
  • 3. Since you dont have better control, if something goes wrong you can just wait and see and hope for the best rest depends on SAAS provider.

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