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We can help you outsource your IT services . We being a team of experienced people in IT and software development services in Nepal we are able to properly manage and allocate your resources effectively without any hassles for your business Outsourcing your software can provide you with greater flexibility to manage your small team more efficiently with reduced cost and time. Outsource on one hand reduced your business cost while you don;t have to suffer from lack of IT manpower and skill set required to manage the system. Business Outsourcing can help you focus and excel on your core business and leave us the major hassel which you are not confident of. Hence Idata Solutions Pvt. Ltd. can be one best way to handover your IT service so you stay away from all the issues that can raise to manage your IT infrastructure.

Following are some advantages if you outsource IT services to us:

  • Reduction of operational and development costs
  • Improvement of focus in company’s core business
  • Gain better access to high capabilities of IT experts
  • Support and Enhanced customer experience
  • Saving of Time or less time to market
  • Helps to Better Manage small resources effectively

There are various models how we outsource our services:

Offered services

  • Staff Augumentation
  • Dedicated Team
  • Project Based model

Staff Augumentation

With the high skilled IT and software development team we offer Staff Augmentation as one of our important outsourcing services. Our team has years of experience with all sorts of software development, networking, server and cloud computing expertise. Wheather it may be a Desktop ,Web or Mobile apps services in Nepal or IT support/Devoops Engineer or an IT expert consultant .We can provide you all sorts of staff augmentation facility for short term as well as long term basis. We can either hire a complete team as per your requirement or an individual expert to guide ,consult and develop any IT and software infrastructure for your need. Our developer ensures that the team reports the process,manages and communicates with the client properly. Client will have full control to hire, fire ,upgrade or change the responsibilities of each of the developers. We have a very simpe and transparent pricing for this system . It will be based on the individual expertise of members and service charge of the company which will include all administrative overheads.

Following are the Advantages of staff Augumentation:

  • Control over staff: Gives organisation the flexibility to scale up/down the staff requirement based on the need
  • Control over resources : Gives organisation the flexibility to scale up/down resources based on business demand
  • Save cost and time : Organisations save cost and time both as they avoid the pain of recruitment cycle and waiting period
  • Focus on core business: Less overhead on organisation gives them more time to focus on core business activities
  • Access to highly trained and experienced technical resources
  • Faster product development time accelerating time-to-market
  • Gain Hassle free work , expected quality and easy to meet tight deadlines & schedules

This model might be applicable to you if :

  • If you have a existing team and you need some extra team to boost up your project
  • If your team lack Some specific skillset and you need to fulfill your team
  • You dont want to take hassel of the long process of hiring and maintain your developers
  • Your project is small and you don't need to maintain it too longer
  • Your project is not scalable and once it is complete it does not require regular maintainence
  • You just want to focus on your core business and do not want to take burden of IT infrastructure and software requiremenet for your business

Dedicated team

Idata Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Offers Dedicated team model ,where the developers work on our client's projects just like their in-house team. A separate team of engineers will be assigned for each clietns who prefer dedicated team . These team will fully concentrate on the client’s project, while the client has full option to manage and control the full management of the team.

Dedicated team is preferably used for long term projects with frequent changes of requirement . This can be applicable model if the client’s requirement of system is unclear at the starting and may change during the development process. We have a simple and transparent pricing system for dedicated team model. It is a monthly pricing model that is depended on size of team required . The payment is basically based on salaries of team members and service fee of our company including administrative costs.

Following are the Advantages of Dedicated team:

  • The team is stable and dedicated to the particular client
  • Dedicated team member has a better understanding about the process of work flow and client’s project
  • The product won’t have to be rigidly defined . Client has full authority to change the process flow during development period
  • Client has full authority to manage his/her remote team
  • It is easy to predict the budget by predicting the time of development
  • Client can speed up or slow the rate of development by increasing or decreasing the no of team of developers

This model might be applicable to you if :

  • You are planning for long term projects and want to outsource your project
  • You have no fixed defined requirements or system requirements may change during development process.
  • You prefer better communicating with the same dedicated team then frequently changing development team
  • You want a relatively cost effective development team while you want to scale a product like that of your in house development team

Project Based model

In addition Idata Solutions Pvt. Ltd. also Offers a project based model of outsourcing . It is the best model if you have the clear understanding and well defined requirement for the project. This models gives the flexibility for client or organization to focus on their core competencies and let the outsourcing company take the hassel of development of the Software or IT product. This model gives access to benefits like faster time to market, cost saving , operational flexibility and better access to technnology. In this type of model we implement the Agile software development life cycle(Scrum) methodology from project definition to deployment and post development support to ensure that the client’s business gets the shortest time to market to validate its assumptions and make quick changes in strategy to support enterpreneur to avoid failure of projects.

Following are the Advantages of Project Based model:

  • It completely reduces client’ s responsibility of development of project to the oursource company i.e from hiring of team to development and testing
  • Client can fully focus on their core business aspect and don’t have to take hassel to manage the IT team overhead
  • It ensures time to market since we work on tight deadlines
  • It’s a cost effective process for development and maintenance of software
  • Client can harness the full expertise of our dedicated software development company then it was possible to build on your own except by switching the business focus

This model might be applicable to you if :

  • When you have a project that is not your core product or the software is only to assist or ease your business process
  • When the capacity to hire in house experts is not cost effective
  • If you have a project that has clear business requirement and is unlikely that the requirement and process flow changes
  • When you don't want the hassel of development process to take into account
  • When you have a clear time deadline and you don't have much time to start from scratch .i.e hiring ,training and development of your inhouse team is time consuming and tedious

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