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It’s the era of Digital devices and Smartphones. An internet-accessible device has the power to get the world under your thumb. With the increase in speed of the internet, usage of smartphones, and authentic online stores, there’s no doubt that people now prefer to shop online than to visit stores.
Whether a business is online or offline, your digital presence on the internet matters a lot to your business. Now, we are in an era of considerable disadvantage for an endeavor without a website. We can see the majority of retail businesses are shifting online. So, Ecommerce Solutions can be the best choice for your business especially if you are looking to grasp online business opportunities or if you already have a store and want to expand your presence on the internet. The online presence of your company can have a huge impact on your customers.

Ecommerce encompasses making use of the internet for buying and selling products or services. If you are looking for the best Ecommerce solution to add value to your business, you are not alone. Unless you are living under the rock for the past few decades, you have heard of the Ecommerce legends like Amazon and Alibaba. These world-famous online sites have proved that visiting a physical store for any good or service is no longer a necessity. Realizing the tremendous scope of Ecommerce solutions, many physical store owners are now looking in the path of eCommerce.


How useful is eCommerce software?

The online presence of Ecommerce software Solution magnifies your business value , exposing you to a mass of clientele which wouldn’t have been possible with a physical store only. Furthermore, Ecommerce Solutions gives every individual the privilege to sell any products online without investing too much in setting up stores and shops. The only minimum investment it takes is an Ecommerce website and an internet connected server.
The main objectives of Ecommerce are- better customer acquisition, less customer retention, development of business relationships, global market, and increased revenue. With appropriate Ecommerce software by your side, you can achieve this.
Certain factors you have to consider for choosing Ecommerce platforms are flexibility of payment options, device friendliness, browser friendliness, ease of navigation, social media integration, security options, and back-end features.

Today online shopping is one of the most popular activities people are engaged in, on the internet worldwide. There are an estimated 24 million Ecommerce sites on the globe. In 2018, retail goods just touched double digits (i.e around 10% of the global retail market). In 2019, online retail sales reached 3.5 trillion US dollars. And, it is estimated to grow to 12% by 2020 and 16% by 2023


We know that successful retailer marketplaces like Amazon, Alibaba, Walmart are all Ecommerce giants. Walmart initially was store-based retail with 30 years of history but in recent years because of the online dominance of Ecommerce, Walmart is shifting itself rapidly towards its online presence. Ecommerce is not only limited to the retail consumer industry. It has also extended to the food , entertainment, gaming, and every other industry anyone can think of.
Hence, Ecommerce is a new lifestyle of a consumer. It’s already in the air, so to grab the full potential of growth of any business, an Ecommerce solution is already “the must”.

Type of Ecommerce (Vendor Specific)

There are different types of Ecommerce websites. You can choose any type of website for your company based on your needs. If you are willing to make

1. Single Vendor:
These e-commerce websites follow their own models of business and sell their products. This is the style of most online shops. A single vendor Ecommerce platform is a single business that uses it as an online store. A lot of companies today maintain an Ecommerce website to enable their customers to shop online .
2. Multivendor -selected sellers
This type of e-commerce is owned by a business and sells its own products . Along with his own product even allows some other vendors to sell it through its own online store. Amazon can be taken as an example ,it started as a single vendor but later on along with its own products allows other vendor to sell items only
3. Online Marketplace - Multivendor
This type of e-commerce allows any person/business to register to multivendor Ecommerce website and sell the products. We can take eBay,Alibaba and many more as an example which is giving a great platform to anyone to sell their products. Sellers will not have to follow certain criteria: everyone can build an account and continue to use the marketplace. The Ecommerce itself may or maynot have their own products but they are more likely to focus on administrate the quality and marketing of overall business.

Type of Ecommerce (Business Models)

1. Business to business (B2B)
In B2B parties involved in ecommerce are both business rather then business and customer. Ecommerce involving manufacturers and wholeseller or wholesaler and retailer comes in B2B category. Some B2B type of Auction marketplace can be considerd in this section. e.g Alibaba can be considered B2B which helps wholeseller to connect with manufacturer.
2. Consumer to Business (C2B)
Consumers deliver value to a business. For instance, freelance platforms like Fiverr,Upwork can be considered C2B where freelancers create value for the business.
3. Business to consumer (B2C)
It is the most common Ecommerce business model where the business creates value for the customer or Retailer gets connected with Consumer. All the common type of Ecommerce we see on our life are based on B2C model. For e.g. Amazon, Daraz,Flipkart etc.
4. Consumer to Consumer (C2C)
Two or all the parties involved are consumers in this type of Ecommerce. No business is involved in C2C marketplace. Classified marketplaces like ebay,Craigslist,Hamrobazar can be considered C2C platform. Like wise some C2C Auction marketplace also can be categorised into ecommerce model of business. Also Learning Management system can be considered C2C ecommerce marketplace.

Type of Ecommerce (Selling Entity)

1. Service based Ecommerce platforms
This type of Ecommerce platform focuses mostly on the service. Platforms that connects freelancers like Upwork ,Fiver can be considered in service based ecommerce platforms.
2. Retail goods or Physical goods based Ecommerce platforms
This Ecommerce platform sells anything from clothing, furniture, groceries, gifts etcetera that is delivered to customers using delivery mechanisms.
3. Digital product-based eCommerce
Involves selling of e-goods like Learning Management System, software like CodeCanyon, ebooks,images, documents,research articles like Academia ,videos on demand like Netflix etcetera.

What are the benefits of ecommerce?

  • Global audience i.e no geographical boundary
  • Very low upfront investment
  • Reduced inventory and operational costs
  • Instant feedback from customer so closer customer communication. i.e improvment of service
  • No device limitation. i.e Excessible from Mobile App or Laptops
  • You can operate from anywhere in the world
  • Insightful analytics and reporting and effective management tools embedded with real time statistical reports
  • Automates major business process like updating inventory,sending emails, user's feedback so on, you can just stay relaxed and monitor
  • Maintains transparency between buyer/sellers i.e. increased trust
  • Secured Payment beforehand deal from fraud and scam
  • Facilitates marketing
  • Easy payment integration and easier payment options to support retail business get rid of credit
  • Search Engine Optimization is easy which will help your business to increase traffic
  • Better promotional and marketing strategies
  • Helps to generate more loyal customers by loyalty reward promotion
  • Widens business scope from local to regional, national or international level


The eCommerce platforms differ when it comes to the features they provide. However, a good eCommerce platform fits your organizational needs and justifies your requirements.
1. Responsive Design and Flexible Design Options
They are made device responsive so everything adjusts depending upon the device and browser used. In addition, the theme and layouts are made flexible so admin can customize their layout easily. Our Ecommerce also has a full-featured mobile app (iOS and Android)
2. Site security
Our Ecommerce solutions provide maximum possible security to ensure customer data safety.
3. Social login
In addition to traditional login users Can signup and login quickly and conveniently from social media networks such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn etcetera. which can be customized as per needs
4. Supports multiple payments gateway
Our software currently supports international payment gateway like Paypal,Stripe, or any other card payment like VISA,Master card,CreditCard or can be customized as per need.
5. Customer support
Customer support is right there to help you in case of problems. Our customer support team is available for technical support on our office time.
6. Real-Time Analytics
Our auction and bidding software allow the users to witness the way bidding is progressing. It also helps to track the bidder’s behavior to a specific marketing entity. Additionally, the software also keeps track of who’s online, and other web activities like last clicks, guest activity, visit duration, and search bots. As a result, you can keep track of the visitor or user behavior and also compute marketing effectiveness.
7. Content Management and site control
Our existing system facilitates an easy content management system by permitting you to update necessary bidding or any other information when necessary. Also admin is able to control overall website features which would be helpful to get the insight of their business.
8. News Letters and subscription
Users can subscribe to our news letter in order to get our latest updates and blogs.
9. Use carts to place order
You can make use of carts to save the items which you can buy right then or later. This feature helps to reduce the rates of the abandoned shopping cart.
10. Commendable back-end features
Our eCommerce product provides you a dashboard, Warehouse management, store management system, administrator management system, and customer management system. Additionally, there are also content management capabilities and email marketing integration with eCommerce software that we provide.
11. Multi Language Support
Our Auction Software has multilanguage support so it can be localized to specific location using different language options.
12. Supports Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies payments
In addition to the payment support ,some of our auction software even support bitcoin or ethereum or any other crypto currencies as per need.
13. Recommend related items
The related item feature pulls the audience of clients to make them curious about another item. This helps in increasing purchases.
14. Real-time chat with admin and sellers
Our system is embedded with custom real time chat feature where seller and buyers can chat with admin or with each other based on client's need.
15. Referral Bonus,Promotional Events and Loyalty program for user engagement and retention
To increase the user engagement and making system interactive with user we have various referral bonus and loyalty management systems to help you with marketings.
16. Highly SEO Optimized
Our Software is highly SEO optimized .so it is for sure helps you to increase the search engine rank for your website and content. Various blogs and notices can be added to the website to make it useful for targeted users and also search engines to rank your website.

17. Customizable Web and Mobile App
We have both web based and App (IOS,Android) which are customizable as per client's business requirement.

Applications of Ecommerce

The scope of Ecommerce is getting wider and wider day by day. People are having less time to buy from shop so they want to buy anything sitting at home with one click. Seeing this, hundreds of companies are moving into the Ecommerce business. So, there are numerous scopes if you want to start an Ecommerce business.
Retail and Wholesale:
Our eCommerce product facilitates the selling and buying of diverse goods like grocery stores, clothing, and apparel, vegetables, and gifts or all of them combined. This can also be customized for other physical products. This process is also called E-retailing or online retailing.
Retail and Distribution
Eclectic from grocery, markets to clothing and apparel, the online auction is being increasingly popular in the retail and distribution field.
Education & Online publishing
Digital magazines, e-books, and audiobooks,LMS are gaining popularity day by day.
Online booking
The online booking application of eCommerce covers several fields like flight tickets, train, bus tickets, hotel reservations, tourism package, and movie seat reservations.
Financial institutions
To conduct the auction and collect goods of the bankrupt cases.
Sports and Entertainment
Auction software is also useful in the sports and entertainment field. A common example is the bidding of a movie or a theatre ticket and so on. Selling out sports goods is another valuable application of the customized auction software.

Future prospects

Combining the concepts Ecommerce and other digital platforms could be the next big thing in the modern world. This has advantages for both parties (for instance auction software and e-commerce sites) since all the involved platforms would be getting more visitors.

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