Software Development Services

Our team is well experienced at both art and science of software engineering and management who can build high end scalable software products to a wide range of service areas. We are a team of code lovers and passionate developers. We have a full team of working as a backend (web) ,frontend (web) , desktop and mobile applications. We work in Agile Methodolgy in order to complete the project within given range of time.

Desktop App

We have a team of dedicated developers who are focused to give desktop app development services within our software development department. In majority of cases we generally use C#, VB.Net to develop desktop apps.

1. Desktop applications are those softwares that run on client PC or Laptops. They have strong control with the hardware with a better performance so this type of applications are widely used when we need control over the hardware . In addition to the benefit mentioned above, Desktop App has wide use cases. Following are the major benefits of desktop app over web:

  • They have better control to hardware then a web app.
  • They are more stable
  • Better Perfromance then a web app
  • When installed it does not require internet connection so desktop app is mostly common where reliability of internet is too slow or not available.
  • This is most applicable when all users of software are within same intranet or same connection group.
  • No remote server is required so it may be a reduction of overhead cost.
  • No annual or monthly fee is required to pay unless it requires technical support in future.

Web Application

Web application development is the core strength of our business at Idata Solutions. We at Idata Solutions have a dedicated team of full stack web developers. Our team is a combination of artist and Engineers. Our UI/UX developer or designer is good at both design and engineering. They are concerned both about user Interface and User experience . Like wise our Backend developers are polished with latest trend and technologies who are always ready to give you a solution to whatever industry and problems our clients are having. We are ready to build any application from single page applications to a custom enterprise web applications.

Today web application is driving today’s business to a great extent. Large companies are scaling and expanding themeselves to the extent that was never possible ever before. This is being one of the tools to transform today’s business and it is not going slow either . It is going to disrupt the way business was developing traditionally.

Our web application team is divided into a team of three groups of developers. Placing client’s requirement at center these teams collaborates together to give it the best application.

Frontend Web application

The team comprises of all creative UX/UI designers . Who we also call the artist team .These teams are responsible for developing ,designing the overall looks of how your web application looks and feels to the end user. Our UX/UI team even work harder to give the best experience your user can get from the requirement

Backend Web Application

Our experienced backend developers are ready to work on a diverse of industries and to provide a lot of software solutions. Having the experience of various industry they can suggest the better ways of solving your problem .

Mobile App Development

In the age of handheld devices we are also not behind with the technology and manpower in mobile development. We develop all type of mobile applications for Android, IOS and windows mobile phones. Using cutting-edge development technology, expert project management and very good development team we develop all type of native, hybrid as well as cross-platform Mobile apps with excellent UI and full-fledged functionality. Our proven methods of business analysis, concept testing, system architecture, beta testing and product launching give our app entrepreneurs the very best foundations to create profitable businesses. Our team uses various frameworks such as React Native, Flutter and Xamarin based on the project requirement.


  • 1. iPhone App Development
  • 2. iPad Application Development
  • 3. Android App Development
  • 4. Tablets App Development
  • 5. Wearable Device App Development

Technology we use:

  • 1. Swift
  • 2. Objective-C
  • 3. Java
  • 4. Kotlin
  • 5. React Native
  • 6. Flutter

Why us for Mobile App Development ?

  • Affordable price, Latest Technology, Scalable
  • Experienced & Skilled Team Members
  • Attractive Design & UI
  • Flexible Payment Plans
  • Timely Delivery

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