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A Learning Management System (LMS) is a management software that helps Schools,Traning Institutes,Small companies and big Enterprises of different categories to better facilitate, manage, deliver and evaluate the learning and improving processes. Be it E-learning or other applications of LMS, the different variations of LMS software has revolutionized the learning and skill acquisition methods.
The Learning Management System framework handles all the processes related to learning. It makes content handling, delivering and training easier for whoever involved. An effective LMS makes the day to day life activities easier for those in charge of training, developing and tracking learning goals. It is reported that 53% of customers choose an LMS software based on functionality, 32% choose LMS software based on price, 3% based on software reputation and 3% based on corporate status. The LMS software has been widely gaining its popularity in a greater pace after the COVID crisis began.

In 2021, the LMS market’s worth is expected to be over $15.72 billion. As of right now, about 83% of organizations currently use the LMS software. By the end of 2023, the worth of the Learning Management System (LMS) is expected to reach a whopping $23.21 billion.

Whether you are a corporate owner looking to train employees for better productivity or an educational institute planning to go digital with an online class, Idata solutions have satisfied experiences of developing customized LMS to meet the purpose of your business.

Key benefits of LMS

Benefits for learners

  • Facilitates learning: Gain unlimited access to learning regardless of time and place.
  • Helps on career advancement
  • A room for performance improvement
  • Soar knowledge retention
  • The flexibility of knowledge means
  • Reports and analytics help them get insights
  • A cost-effective approach to learning

Benefits for Business

  • Track the user/learner progress
  • Track and report the organizational performance of the organization using a Learning Management System (LMS) conveniently
  • Reduce Upfront cost
  • Reduce training and learner costs
  • Improve employee efficiency and time
  • Optimize the training and onboard time
  • Maintain compliance
  • Leverage the power of AI for data pattern analysis and predictions
  • Make administration and managing easier.
  • Gain diverse learning audiences

Type of LMS (Based on Industry)

There are different types of LMS Platfors. You can choose any type of website for your company based on your needs.

1. Corporate LMS
This LMS is suitable for businesses of different sizes to train and keep a track of their employees, clients, and partners as per the requirement of the business. Corporate LMS comes with features like onboarding training, compliance training, remote workforce training, employee training, sales and customer support training, and compliance training.
2. Education LMS
These types of LMS are made to help educational institutes like schools, colleges or training institutes etcetera for more efficient student tutoring and tracking. In education LMS, students log in to the sessions (Instructor-led Training) also called ILT sessions, and read online materials, so assignments etcetera. Education LMS doesn’t require integration with many tech tools as a result, the academic/ educational Learning Management system doesn’t come with frequent system upgrades.

Type of LMS (Based on Deployment Model)

1. Cloud-based LMS
A cloud-based LMS provider generally takes care of the key features like installation, server monitoring, and updates so that you don’t have to go through deep hassles. It generally comes under several models and tiers. As a result, you can pick a cloud-based LMS that fits right into your pricing needs, performance, and features combination.
2. Self-hosted LMS
Self-hosted LMS is installed and maintained on the organization’s own server. As a result, it is more secure. Additionally, it also provides features like flexibility and the ability to customize the software. Self-hosted LMS is a web application in which you are responsible for backing up the data, renewing your license, updating server updates etcetera.
3. Private cloud LMS
Private cloud LMS is the hybrid model of cloud LMS and self-hosted LMS. The private cloud LMS provides you with better security since you don’t have to share your inbuilt resources with other businesses. Furthermore, the LMS processes like installation, updates, and monitoring are also taken care of you if you subscribe to a private cloud LMS.


1. User, content, and course management
2. Collaboration tools
3. Responsive design
4. User-friendly interface
5. Automation
6. Tracking and Reporting
7. Analytics
8. White labelling
9. Multi Language Support
10. Can include PDF,Videos, Quizes
11. Supports Youtube,Vimeo and other embeds for content delivery
12. Automation of system help email and newsletter to send
13. Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to track progress

Who can use LMS?

  • Businesses of all sizes: small business, medium business, large business, and multinational enterprises
  • Different niche organizations: Healthcare organizations, consultancies, established tech companies, and tech startups
  • Independent organizations, coaches, and instructors
  • Both eLearning/online educational organizations like Khan Academy etcetera. as well as physical traditional educational institutes like schools, colleges, and universities
  • Both governmental and non-governmental organizations
  • Local, regional as well as national business and enterprise

  • What is LMS software used for?

    1. Educational training:

    • For online classes
    • Instructing students and teachers
    • Enhance class-based course
    • By government for educating public
    • When physical classes are hampered by late situations like the COVID-19 pandemic, and virtual classes are the means to go

    2. Corporate training:

    • Employee training
    • Customer guiding
    • Built-in tracking and reporting features
    • Reducing corporate disturbances and bettering employee productivity thus leading to revenue growth
    • Providing guidelines to the new employees team simultaneously without much loss of time
    • Flexibility to enterprise members to look back to get new insights from LMS whenever required.

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